PES 2014 Patch

Critical software patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014


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  • Category Sport
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.07
  • Size 20.04 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by KONAMI

PES 2014 Patch is the official final patch released by Konami for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

As with many PC games, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, or PES 2014 for short, was released with a number of bugs. This is the official patch released by Konami to correct those issues. Note that there may have been multiple patch releases, but version 1.07 is the final version. It brings PES 2014 up to its final release state, and there’s no need to install earlier patches, but it’s also all right if you have. Consider this an essential patch that, in theory, fixes all bugs discovered in PES 2014 post release.

One of the bigger issues that affected all game modes was that it wasn’t always possible to assign a role to a player who’d been substituted and then moved into another position. This has been fixed. Konami also corrected issues with mouse sensitivity on the Game Plan screen.

In Exhibition mode, this patch corrects issue with selecting ML teams in Team Select. It also corrects a bug where player names could be corrupted when exporting team data. In the Become a Legend mode, the zero-pound wage contracts exploit has been removed, and any criteria set when searching for a player will now persist during that session unless changed by the user. Finally, in the Master League Online mode, freezing issues caused by patch version 1.06 have been eliminated, and there were minor adjustments to optimize usability and performance throughout.

This patch requires Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to be installed on the system. If the patch cannot detect the PES 2014 installation, it will simply refuse to install and close. Note that Konami released two distinct patches: one for the digital version of the game and one for the DVD version. This patch should include both and install the appropriate version automatically. Also note that some users may experience a corrupted installation, and the best way to ensure a smooth update is to perform a fresh installation of the game and then update. If you choose this route, be sure to back up your saves and settings first.


  • Official patch released by Konami
  • Version 1.07 is the final patch


  • Requires PES 2014 installed
  • May require a fresh installation
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